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10/65 to 3/68

Here are a bunch of pictures of missionaries who served in the Guatemala-El Salvador Mission sometime during the time that I arrived in the mission in March 1966 and when I left in March 1968. It certainly isn't all of them.

As I get time, I will be putting up other mission pictures. I have also scanned in all my slides and will be posting them in the near future. I know they won't be of interest to most people, but I want my family to have access to them. Not all the scanned slides came out very well, due to aging slides, bad picture taking, etc.

I have quite a few missionary pictures that I can't identify (indicated with names "za to zw". If you can identify any of them, please let me know. Also let me know if I have misidentified any others.

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Adams, Andrew E. (Small).jpg

Adams, Andrew Earl (Small).jpg

Alexander, Robert H. (Small).jpg

Allred, David (Small).jpg

Anderson (Small).jpg

Beare, Jerry (Small).jpg

Betz, W. Philip (Small).jpg

Bishop, Charles Orren (Small).jpg

Blake (Small).jpg

Blevins, Bill (Small).jpg

Bolla, John (Small).jpg

Boylin, Bindy (Small).jpg

Breinholdt, Blaine Kay (Small).jpg

Brown (Small).jpg

Campbell, D (Small).jpg

Carpenter, Dan (Small).jpg

Cazier (Small).jpg

Chambers, John A. (Small).jpg

Chase, Elmer (Small).jpg

Christiansen, Don (Small).jpg

Clark, ELder Lawrence and SIster Lilly (Small).jpg

Cluff, Russell Marlin (Small).jpg

Colwell, Steven (Small).jpg

Corpron, William (Small).jpg

Corrigan, David (Small).jpg

Davenport, Myron L. (Small).jpg

Davis, Dan (Small).jpg

Davis, Donald (Small).jpg

Davis, J. L. (Small).jpg

Davis, Steven Kent (Small).jpg

Dean, Glen (Small).jpg

Dever Michael (Small).jpg

Dickson, RIchard (Small).jpg

Draper, Richard (Small).jpg

Dunn (Small).jpg

Egan, Roger Howard (Small).jpg

Egbert (Small).jpg

Fackrell, Lerl (Small).jpg

farar dan (Small).jpg

Farar, Dan (Small).jpg

Farar, Daniel (Small).jpg

Farley, Ronald (Small).jpg

Felt, L. (Small).jpg

Felt, Larry (Small).jpg

Flanders, Barry (Small).jpg

Flowe, Gerard (Small).jpg

Fox, David K. (Small).jpg

Francom (Small).jpg

Fraser, Robert (Small).jpg

Garcia, Carlos (Small).jpg

Gardner (Small).jpg

Gibson, Ron (Small).jpg

Gledhill, Sister (Small).jpg

Goldthwaite, Walter (Small).jpg

Gonzalez, Andres Carlos (Small).jpg

Gonzalez, David M. (Small).jpg

Goodwin, R. Thomas (Small).jpg

Greene (Small).jpg

Hamilton (Small).jpg

Hancock, Elder (Small).jpg

Hanks, Milt (Small).jpg

Hansen or Larsen (Small).jpg

Hansen, President and family (Small).jpg

Hardy, Thomas Ralph (Small).jpg

Hedelius, Ronald (Small).jpg

Helquist, Ron (Small).jpg

Herring, Carl David (Small).jpg

Hess (Small).jpg

Hewlett (Small).jpg

Hoffman (Small).jpg

Holtsclaw (Small).jpg

Humpherys (Small).jpg

Humphrey (Small).jpg

Hunter (Small).jpg

Hyatt (Small).jpg

Jim, Sister (Small).jpg

Johnson (Small).jpg

Johnson, Kenneth Wayne (Small).jpg

Johnson, Phillip (Small).jpg

Johnson, Warren (Small).jpg

Jones, Neil A. (Small).jpg

Jones, Wendell Eugene (Small).jpg

Jordan, George Gary (Small).jpg

Kohler (Small).jpg

Lambson, James Marior (Small).jpg

Lemmon, Jim (Small).jpg

Lewis, Paul (Small).jpg

Liechty, Terrance K. (Small).jpg

Lindsey, Roberta Maxine (Small).jpg

Lloyd, Bruce R. (Small).jpg

Martineau, Stan (Small).jpg

May, Lyn (Small).jpg

McArthur, Dan (Small).jpg

Mendenhall, Paul K. (Small).jpg

Mendez, Telesforo Alfonso (Small).jpg

Mercer, Les (Small).jpg

Meyer (Small).jpg

Miller (Small).jpg

Miller, James (Small).jpg

Miller, James Craig (Small).jpg

Miller, Kedrick (Small).jpg

Mitchell, Elder and Sister (Small).jpg

Moon, Hal (Small).jpg

Morales, Raymond Chacon (Small).jpg

Morby, William Frank (Small).jpg

Mortensen, Eldred Lynn (Small).jpg

Mortenson (Small).jpg

Nelson, Ron (Small).jpg

Nelson, W (Small).jpg

Nielsen (Small).jpg

Nielsen, ELder (Small).jpg

Nisonger, Allen (Small).jpg

Payne, James (Small).jpg

Pearson, Sister (Small).jpg

Peay, Ralph John (Small).jpg

Perkins, Gary Thomas (Small).jpg

Petersen, Peter (Small).jpg

Pitcher (Small).jpg

Rasmussen, Kenneth (Small).jpg

Read III, William J. (Small).jpg

Rencher, Clifford Lee (Small).jpg

Rencher, Don Smith (Small).jpg

Rex, Lowell B. (Small).jpg

Robison, John Zachary (Small).jpg

Rudd, Corey (Small).jpg

Runyan, Jack Lloyd (Small).jpg

Scheurich, Francis Joseph (Small).jpg

Schofield, Walter Lee (Small).jpg

Sevy, Leland (Small).jpg

Sharp, Vaughn (Small).jpg

Simonton, Gerald (Small).jpg

Simpach (Small).jpg

Sisters circa Feb 68 possibly (Small).jpg

Smith (Small).jpg

Smith, Benton (Small).jpg

Smith, Carl W. (Small).jpg

Smith, E (Small).jpg

Smith, Ralph (Small).jpg

Smith, Russell (Small).jpg

Smith, Sister (Small).jpg

Southwick (Small).jpg

Southwick, William R. (Small).jpg

Speaker, Robert Bryan (Small).jpg

Stapley, Robert L. (Small).jpg

Stillman (Small).jpg

Stone, James Jerome (Small).jpg

Stowell, Keith (Small).jpg

Thomas, Keith (Small).jpg

Thompson (Small).jpg

Thorne, Steven (Small).jpg

Thornton (Small).jpg

Welsh, Wayne Lee (Small).jpg

Wendt (Small).jpg

Willardson, Robert D. (Small).jpg

Williams, Richard Yuille (Small).jpg

Wilson (Small).jpg

Wilson, Charles Allen (Small).jpg

Witten, Robert Charles (Small).jpg

Workman, James (Small).jpg

Wright, Conrad Noel (Small).jpg

Yardley, Jim (Small).jpg

za (Small).jpg

zb Anderson, Mark.jpg

zc (Small).jpg

zd (Small).jpg

ze (Small).jpg

zf (Small).jpg

zg (Small).jpg

zh (Small).jpg

zi (Small).jpg

zj (Small).jpg

zk (Small).jpg

zl (Small).jpg

zn (Small).jpg

Zone conference circle Feb 68 (Small).jpg

Zone Conference dinner circle Feb 68 (Small).jpg

zp (Small).jpg

zq (Small).jpg

zr (Small).jpg

zt (Small).jpg

zu (Small).jpg

zv (Small).jpg

zw (Small).jpg